Salman Khan's sister Arpita has changed a lot now...?

Sekar Chandra
Salman Khan's sister Arpita has changed a lot now...?

Salman Khan's brother-in-law and bollywood actor Ayush Sharma are in the news these days for his upcoming film 'Ruslaan'. Currently, Ayush is promoting the film vigorously. Apart from all this, he has also shared many unheard revelations about his personal life in the interview. Ayush Sharma and his wife Arpita Khan Sharma often become the target of trolls and people's criticism. However, this couple always tries to remain calm and stay away from controversies. Recently, in an interview, Ayush Sharma gave a befitting reply to those trolling his wife Arpita Khan Sharma.

Ayush Sharma replied to those who trolled Arpita

In a conversation with siddharth Kannan, aayush sharma was asked about his wife Arpita being trolled for her looks. On this, the actor said, "My personal life has been discussed since the day I got married, many people give their opinion about my weight, why is it so? Does anyone want to know this?" people close to me know that she does not have a nanny all day and she is raising them with her own hands, her obsession is to become a socialite. No. He doesn't have to attend 10 parties.

Arpita Khan Sharma has changed after marriage

Ayush further said that Arpita has changed after marriage. Earlier, when Arpita did not have children, she loved partying. He said that he likes to take care of his children and give them a proper upbringing. Ayush said, "The Arpita who was interested in partying before having children, that Arpita has changed. She has to educate her children at home and take care of them. She says that she should raise her children in such a way that they will not go to nannies. How will they be brought up if they are growing up? So wherever she goes, she travels with them.

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