This video of Ranveer Singh speaking against PM is fake!

This video of ranveer singh speaking against PM is fake! 

Bollywood actor ranveer singh had recently reached Varanasi. Where actress kriti sanon and famous fashion designer manish Malhotra were also seen with him. During this, all three visited the kashi vishwanath temple and raised slogans of 'Har Har Mahadev' at Banaras Ghat. Let us tell you that manish Malhotra's fashion show was organized at Namo Ghat in Varanasi.

Ranveer Singh's edited video goes viral

Meanwhile, an edited video of ranveer singh is going viral in which the actor is seen supporting a political party. Ranveer's original video was from varanasi in which he was talking about his experience of coming here. Now this same video is being presented with the help of editing before the 2024 lok sabha elections with the narrative that he is supporting a political party.

The audio has been changed in the fake viral video. In this changed audio, ranveer singh can be seen saying, 'Modi ji's aim was to celebrate our miserable life, our unemployment and inflation. Because india as it is now is moving towards the era of injustice at such a speed, that is why we should never forget to demand our development and justice, hence think and vote. After this, in the fake video, 'Those who care about the country will vote for justice', 'Vote for justice, vote for Congress' is written.

The actor did not speak against PM Modi

Please note that the original video has the 'ANI' logo on it. In this ranveer singh is seen saying, 'Modi ji's only objective was to celebrate his culture because we the people of india are moving towards modernity at a fast pace. That is why we should never forget our culture. That is why development is also heritage and it is a mixture of past and future. After coming to Kashi, I have seen that the development it has brought is amazing.

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