Vijay's Ghilli expected to gross ₹10 crore on re-release day!!!

S Venkateshwari
Vijay's Ghilli expected to gross ₹10 crore on re-release day!!!

Because of the impending lok sabha elections, there aren't any major movie releases in tamil theaters this April. Instead, distributors and producers have started re-releasing past blockbusters. On april 20, Vijay's much awaited 20th anniversary re-release of his Dharani-directed film Ghilli debuted in theaters. The most recent reports state that Vijay's Ghilli would make about ₹10 crore on its first day of release worldwide. For the past few days, social media has been booming with the movie.

Blockbuster's relaunch

Ghilli has already made almost ₹3 crore in global pre-sales for the opening day (April 20), according to Cinetrak. Given that Vijay's movies frequently shatter his own box office records, his fans are furious about the rerelease of this movie and have taken to social media to post footage of themselves dancing to the smash hit song Arjunar Villu and Appadi Podu in theaters. ram Muthuram Cinemas wrote on X, a platform that was once twitter, saying, "In #Thalapathy @actorvijay's career, #Ghilli truly cannot be replaced! Aascar Cinemas announced on twitter that they had two consecutive sold-out shows on april 20.

The message from Trisha

The principal actress trisha seems overjoyed by the reception to the movie's rerelease. She wrote, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," on Instagram. I'm getting these incredible articles and videos from you people. how and making my day. emoji of a heart: #ghillirelrease "If this is not coming full circle I don't know what is (love emoji, emotion emoji, evil eye emoji) Woke up to FDFS blockbuster vibes AGAIN (star emoji) 2004 (until emoji) 2024," she said on X, a platform that was originally twitter and featured pictures and videos of Ghilli. Additionally, rumors circulated that she will be seeing the movie this weekend in a theater with admirers.

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