Cannes Film Festival Unveils Stunning Official Poster For 77th Edition


Cannes Film Festival: poster of Cannes Film festival released, tribute paid to this famous filmmaker in a special way

The Cannes Film festival has paid a special tribute to Japanese filmmaker akira Kurosawa by releasing its 2024 poster. He is also known for films such as Sanshiro Sugata, Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Dersu Ujala, and Dodeska-den. The poster of the Cannes Film festival 2024 has been released. Tribute has been paid to Japanese filmmaker akira Kurosawa through the poster of his career feature Rhapsody. In the picture, a family can be seen sitting at a distance. Rhapsody made its debut at the Cannes Film festival in august 1991.

Akira is famous for his films

The film tells the story of a grandmother who is a victim of the Nagasaki bombing on august 9, 1945. The film showed that their love served as a bulwark against the war for their grandchildren and American nephews. akira Kurosawa was 81 years old when this film was completed. Apart from this, he is also known for films like Sanshiro Sugata, Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Dersu Ujala, and Dodeska-Den.

Cannes paid tribute to the filmmaker

The Cannes Film festival paid tribute to him, saying that Kurosawa's work reminds us of the importance of living together and discovering harmony in everything. This poster was created by Lionel Avignon and Stéphane de Vives at Hartland Villa. The Cannes Film festival will be held from 14 to 25 May this year. British-Indian filmmaker sandhya Suri's debut feature film, Santosh, will also screen at the upcoming film festival. It has been selected for Un Certain Regard. shahana goswami plays an important role in the film Santosh. Before this, she has also been seen in Zweigato.

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