Aishwarya: Like Jyothika, Aishwarya Rajinikanth Gets Crazy Into Fitness!

Aishwarya: Like Jyothika, aishwarya Rajinikanth Gets Crazy Into Fitness!

A video of actor Rajinikanth's elder daughter aishwarya working out frantically is going viral on the internet.

Aishwarya, the elder daughter of actor Rajinikanth, is making her way into cinema as a director. So far he has directed three movies namely Moonu, Vai raja Vai, and Lal Salaam. All these three films failed at the box office. Moreover, his last film directed by Lal Salaam, in which actor Rajinikanth played a cameo role, was a flop. After its failure, Aishwarya's explanation shocked many.

He said that the hard disk containing the 21-day shooting footage of Lal Salaam was lost and without it, he had edited and released the rest of the footage. Apart from that, aishwarya also said that since Rajinikanth came in the film, there was a compulsion to add commercial features for him. This interview of Rajini's daughter went viral.

Apart from the failure of Lal Salaam, on the other hand, her filing for divorce from actor dhanush was a hot topic in Kollywood. When this case came up for hearing in the Family Welfare Court, both dhanush and aishwarya were ordered to appear in person on october 7 and the hearing of the case has been adjourned to that date.

All this aside, aishwarya is now back to her old form. He couldn't focus on fitness as he was busy shooting. In this situation, Aishwarya, who has started her fitness journey again, posted a video on instagram that she took while working out at her home. Fans who have seen the video are adding likes to it.

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