Karan Johar Shares Cryptic Message About Self-Acceptance !!


Karan Johar: karan johar again shared a cryptic post, and advised people to remain as they are.

Karan Johar has come into discussion today regarding his social media post. In this, he is not seen mentioning any of his upcoming projects but is seen giving some advice to people.

Producer-director karan johar is very active on social media. On this platform, apart from his work and films, he is also seen sharing many things about life. Many times he is seen posting cryptic posts. Today he has shared a similar post. He has given some tips to his fans. karan johar has advised people to accept themselves even among those who do not like them. 

Karan Johar has shared a post on his instagram story advising him to remain as he is. With this, he wrote, 'You have to be okay with not being liked. No matter how sweet or kind you are, you will never be able to find your way to mass acceptance. You can be a complete ray of sunshine and people will hate you because they want rain. Live without any worries. Go ahead with this.

Had made a mysterious post some time ago.

Earlier this month also, karan johar had made a sharp sarcasm. He made this sharp comment on people choosing fillers. He wrote, 'Fillers can change one's external appearance, but they cannot change one's innate character and personality'. He wrote on his instagram stories, 'Applying fillers does not give satisfaction. Using makeup can reduce age. No matter how much Botox you take. Changing the nose will not change the unpleasant odor. Surgery may change your exterior, but not your soul'.

"Mr. And Mrs. Mahi' is in the news. janhvi kapoor and rajkumar rao will be seen in important roles in this. karan johar had said about this film, 'It is very close to our heart.' Let us tell you that rajkumar rao will be seen in the role of 'Mahendra' and Janhvi in the role of 'Mahima' in the film. The film will be released in theaters on 31 May 2024.

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