Here's how celebs reacted to the horrifying incident !!!


Salman Khan Firing Case: KRK, pooja bhatt To rakhi sawant - All The Celebs Who Have Reacted To The Incident

Salman Khan's mumbai apartment was the target of gunfire on april 14. Here's how celebs reacted to the horrifying incident.

Salman Khan data-faced a potentially dangerous situation when gunshots were fired outside his mumbai residence early sunday morning (April 14). Though no injuries were reported, the incident has sparked concern among fans and celebrities alike. Multiple people, including rakhi sawant and KRK, have had varying reactions to the incident.

Pooja Bhatt expressed her shock and called for enhanced surveillance in the Bandra area. The actress wrote, "Horrific and condemnable. If this can happen with a police van parked outside the Khan residence for protection then it is fair to say that safety is an illusion. Need more stringent surveillance in Bandra for certain. Robberies were rife a while ago and now a shootout? Scary."

In response to the gun incident, Salman's brother arbaaz khan shared a statement mentioning they are helping the authorities with their investigation.

On the other hand, Kamaal R Khan, known for his contentious views on salman khan, stirred controversy with accusations that salman orchestrated drama for publicity. He said, “It’s all drama by Sallu. Sallu is the biggest gangster in india and all other gangsters work for him. Why they did shoot in the air at 5 am when everyone was sleeping? He must have arranged all this to get publicity and sympathy! Because he knows that I am going to reveal what he did with Sushant Singh.” 

Filmmaker sanjay gupta condemned the cowardice of the attackers. 

Comedian Bharti Singh extended her well wishes for Salman's safety. In a video shared by Viral Bhayani, she said,  "Bhai has a lot of blessings; Bhai will be safe, I want him to be safe always." Meanwhile, rakhi sawant shared a heartfelt plea for Salman's protection, addressing purported threats from the Bishnoi brothers.

Shatrughan Sinha said in a Times Now interview that his first thought upon hearing about the firing event was for the safety of salman Khan's family. The veteran actor said, When I heard of the incident on sunday morning, my primary concern was the safety of the family. Salim Saab and salman are among the pride of our film industry. We as one fraternity should come forward to condemn such a dastardly, cowardly act.” 

More about the shooting incident outside salman Khan’s home 

Reports emerged of gunfire ringing out around 5 am outside Salman's residence, where two unidentified men were responsible for the act. After the incident, Anmol Bishnoi—brother of imprisoned criminal Lawrence Bishnoi—took to social media to take credit for the shooting, which he described as a 'trailer'.

Meanwhile, the mumbai Crime Branch arrested both men in connection with salman Khan's home shooting incident.

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