Vishal Hints - Political Entry?

Sindujaa D N
Vishal's recent remarks about the potential next chief minister of andhra pradesh have stirred intrigue and speculation. While not explicitly endorsing any political party, Vishal's statements hint at his admiration for Jaganmohan Reddy's leadership. He acknowledges Jagan's resilience in the data-face of adversity, citing previous attacks and praising his courage, particularly given his background from Rayalaseema.

In discussing the attack on Jagan, vishal views it as a testament to Jagan's strength and character rather than a political manoeuvre. He downplays the incident, noting that such attacks are not uncommon in Jagan's political journey and emphasizing Jagan's fortitude in handling them.

Regarding the prospect of entering politics in the telugu states, vishal remains non-committal, suggesting that there are already numerous capable individuals serving the public. He underscores the importance of genuine service to society, implying that he would only consider a political role if he could genuinely contribute to societal improvement.

In essence, Vishal's comments reflect his admiration for Jagan's leadership qualities and his cautious stance on entering politics himself. He appears to prioritize genuine service over political ambitions, suggesting a reluctance to enter the political arena unless he can make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of the people.

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