Romeo Day 1 Box Office: Did Vijay Antony's 'Romeo'

Romeo Day 1 Box Office: Did Vijay Antony's 'Romeo' Fail? First-Day Collection Status!

The information about the first day collection of 'Romeo' produced by vijay antony has now been released.

 Produced by Vijay Antony's Film Corporation, directed by Vinayak Vaidyanathan, and starring vijay antony and Mrinalini Ravi, the film 'Romeo' was released yesterday (April 11) in more than 1500 theaters across the world on the occasion of Ramzan.

 As soon as the poster of the film was released... it went viral. The reason is that the heroine of the film was having a drink in the first night scene. Similarly, the trailer of the film was released and it attracted fans from all walks of life.

Vijay Antony

When vijay antony participated in the press conference and spoke... he said that this film has been made to be watched with the family. He also said that it is a film that wives should watch, and requested that every husband should bring his wife to see this film.

 Vijay Antony

The film, which is beautifully and humorously told about love and how love should be between husband and wife after marriage, has been well received by the fans since its release, and the information about the first-day collection of the film has been revealed.

Accordingly, it is said that the film has collected Rs.1.5 crore to Rs.1.8 crore in tamil Nadu on the first day. This has ensured the success of the film and the collection is expected to increase as it continues to receive good reviews.

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