Did the film hero Darshan secretly marry a Malayalam actress?

Did the film hero Darshan secretly marry a malayalam actress?

Darshan, who played the hero in the film Kana, and malayalam actress Anju Kurien in their wedding ceremony are going viral on the internet. Darshan made his debut with the 2018 film Kana produced by Sivakarthikeyan. Subsequently, he acted as the hero in the film Thumba and next appeared as a contestant on Vijay TV's Cook with komali show. He showed his cooking skills in the show and progressed to the finals where he narrowly missed out on success. He got second place.

Darshan, who returned to cinema after Cook with Komali, played an important role in Ajith's Thadhavu. After that, Darshan, who continues to act in films, mentioned that he is married to actress Anju Kurien. In it, both Darshan and Anju Kurien are sitting in the marriage circle with garlands and necks. These photos are going viral, mentioning that both of them got married secretly. But it was a photo taken during the shoot of the ad. Darshan - Anju Kurien acted as a couple in the Lalitha Jewelry advertisement. The photo taken during its shooting spree is currently being leaked on the internet and is going viral.

Some people congratulate them thinking that they are married. malayalam actress Anju Kurian, who has acted opposite Darshan in this ad, has acted in tamil films like Iqlu, Sometimes Some people, Single Shankar, and Smartphone Simran. Apart from this, it is noteworthy that she is working as a busy actress in Malayalam.

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