Corona Kumar: Title Change. Vishnu Vishal's Heir Actress - Corona Kumar Movie Updates

Corona Kumar: Title Change. vishnu Vishal's Heir Actress - Corona Kumar movie Updates


The title of the Gokul-directed film Corona Kumar has been changed and an update on its

heroine has also been leaked.

Gokul directed films like Balakumara, Kashmora, Junga, singapore Salon, etc. His next

upcoming film is Corona Kumar. The announcement about the film came out in 2021. Then it

was announced that simbu is going to play the hero and wales company is going to produce

the film. But then the film was shelved.

Due to a conflict between producer Isari Ganesh and actor simbu, simbu withdrew from the film

Corona Kumar. After that, they decided to make the film with another actor. Accordingly, director

Gokul had recently told the story to actor vishnu vishal and got OK. After that, the preliminary

work of the film has started in full swing.

In this situation, it is now reported that the title of Corona Kumar's film has been changed.

Accordingly, the film has been newly named Vaib Kumar. Apart from that, some changes are

said to have been made in the script of the film according to the current era. They are planning

to start the shooting of the film in 2 months.

Apart from that, it is said that director Shankar's daughter Aditi has been roped in to play

opposite actor vishnu vishal in the film. Aditi, who is currently acting in vishnu Vardhan's film,

will soon be seen opposite vishnu vishal in Vaib Kumar's film. It is noteworthy that this is the

first film where both of them are working together.

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