Simbu as AR Rakhuman.. Is this mass actor to play Vairamuthu in the Ilayaraja biopic?

Simbu as AR Rakhuman.. Is this mass actor to play vairamuthu in the ilayaraja biopic?

Let's see about the actors who will be playing the roles of AR Raghuman and vairamuthu in the

Ilayaraja biopic directed by dhanush and directed by Arun Matheswaran.

The life story of musician ilayaraja is going to be made into a movie. dhanush will play Ilayaraja

in it. The film will be directed by Arun Matheswaran. Musician ilayaraja himself will compose the

music for the film. The work of the film started recently with Pooja. It has also been announced

that world hero kamal haasan is going to write the screenplay for the film.

Ilayaraja's life is full of achievements as much as it is full of controversies. The big question

mark is whether they will show all the controversies he data-faced in the biopic. It is said that the

characters of AR Raghuman, Vairamuthu, Mani Ratnam, Rajinikanth, and kamal haasan will

also be featured in this biopic.

Accordingly, it seems that they will play the roles of Kamal and Rajini. Similarly,

talks are going on with actor simbu to play the role of AR Raghuman. Apart from this, it is said

that they are planning to cast actor madhavan in Mani Ratnam's character. Similarly, many

people were interested to know who would play the role of singer Vairamuthu, who made his

debut as a friend with ilayaraja and broke up after six years of fighting.

Accordingly, the film crew is said to be planning to cast actor vishal in Vairamuthu's character. It

looks like the ilayaraja biopic is going to be a multi-starrer. The shooting of the film will start


Currently, the preliminary work is going on in full swing. It is expected that the

An announcement about the other actors who will act in the film will be released soon

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