After marriage, Taapsee Pannu played her first Holi


After marriage, taapsee pannu played her first Holi. 

Bollywood's versatile actress taapsee pannu is in the news these days regarding her marriage. There are reports that the actress got married to her boyfriend Mathias Bo on march 23. According to reports, Taapsee and Mathias got married secretly. Two days after the marriage, the actress celebrated holi with her husband Mathias, a picture of which has also surdata-faced.

Taapsee played her first holi after marriage!

It has been said in media reports that taapsee pannu has secretly taken seven trips to udaipur with Mathias. Only close people have attended the couple's wedding. Amidst the news of marriage, now the picture of the actress's holi celebration has also surdata-faced. Taapsee's friend Abhilash Thapliyal has posted a picture of the holi celebration on Instagram. In this picture, along with Abhilash, taapsee pannu and her husband Mathias Bo are also seen decked in colors.

Taapsee's demand for vermillion seen in the picture?

In the picture, along with Taapsee and Mathias, other friends are also fully dressed. While posting this picture, it is written in the caption - 'Ours is Holi'. In this picture, Taapsee's cheeks are filled with color and her eyes are full of color, which looks as if Taapsee's eyes have been filled deliberately. Now if Taapsee is married then this holi is her first holi after marriage. Users are commenting on this picture and wishing Taapsee a happy Holi. However, one user has noticed the color in Taapsee's demand. The user commented and wrote - 'Hey vermillion in demand Taapsee ma'am'.

Celebs attended Taapsee's wedding!

Let us tell you that till now taapsee pannu has not given any reaction regarding the news of her marriage nor has she shared any posts. However, the report says that some celebs from bollywood have also attended this marriage of the actress, which includes the names of Anurag Kashyap, Pavail Gulati, and kanika Dhillon.

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