Akshay Kumar lived the same common life!


Akshay Kumar lived the same common life!

The new week has started again. After the weekend, monday does not seem like any ordinary day but 'Bloody Monday'. That means a day that takes away all your comfort and takes you back to your everyday life. In such a situation, new energy is needed, so that you can do your work with full enthusiasm and in a better way than before. That's why we have specially brought for you today, a story that works like an injection of vitamin B12 which will fill you with new energy. This story is of 'Bade Mian'.

This story is about 'Raju' posing in a different style wearing a floral shirt. This is the story of someone who does not do comedy but flows rivers of comedy. This is the story of Akshay Kumar.

This actor akshay kumar, who jumped several hundred feet above the ground from a flying plane onto a balloon flying below him, did not become akshay kumar by luck, he became akshay kumar through hard work. Despite being branded as a failed and flop actor many times, this player did not stop playing. The proof is in front of you that sometimes he comes in the form of Suryavanshi and sometimes he comes in the form of Bade Mian.

What was your early life like?

akshay kumar spent his childhood in delhi before moving to Mumbai. Talking about his early life, he told in an interview given to a news agency, "I lived in chandni Chowk where 24 people lived in the same house and when I came to Mumbai, there too I lived in a small house in Koliwada. Stayed in a house whose rent was Rs 100.'' During the same interview, while remembering his old days, Akshay had also said that at that time he did not eat breakfast in the morning to watch a film on saturday so that he could save money and watch the film.

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