Rakhi Sawant gave a wedding gift to their ex-husband


Rakhi Sawant gave a wedding gift to their ex-husband! 

Drama queen rakhi sawant remains in some controversy every day. Often his words and photos remain in the headlines. Meanwhile, the actress is continuously commenting on the marriage of ex-husband Adil Durrani and Somi Khan. While yesterday a phone recording of Rakhi went viral on instagram among fans, now the actress has come into the limelight by sharing a funny photo.

rakhi sawant gave wedding gift to Adil-Somi!

rakhi sawant has recently shared a photo on instagram in which two chimpanzees are looking very beautiful in a wedding dress. Both are looking into each other's eyes with great love. Now this picture is going viral on social media. While sharing this picture on her instagram handle, the drama queen asked the fans a question, 'Who is Pehchaana?'

As soon as this photo was shared, there was an outpouring of comments from users. Not only this, many fans are seen calling it the wedding photo of Adil and Somi Khan. Commenting on the post, one user wrote - 'After all, rakhi sawant has reacted and that too right', while another wrote - 'When will your childhood go away'.

Recently, an audio of rakhi sawant is going viral, which is of a conversation between her and Adil. In this, Adil is saying things like 'hug her and you are mine', that too after marriage with Somi Khan. However, no reaction from Adil or Somi has been revealed on this audio yet.

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