TV actors Rahul and Mishkat shared stories


TV actors rahul and Mishkat shared stories…

holi is celebrated all over the country. holi festival will be celebrated everywhere on march 25 and people will enjoy the festival by immersing themselves in the colors of Holi. But some people believe that the real fun of festivals came in childhood. Some people also say that holi used to be celebrated in childhood itself, but now it is done as a formality. These things have been said by two tv actors rahul Sudhir and Mishkat Verma.

tv actors rahul Sudhir and Mishkat Verma said that holi is their 'favorite' festival. Regarding this, he said that in his childhood he used to wear old clothes and release water balloons and colors in his neighborhood. holi was enjoyed like this.

How was rahul Sudhir's Holi?

tv actor rahul Sudhir has shared his memories about Holi. He said, 'Growing up, holi has always been one of my favorite festivals. When I was a child, every year on the day of holi, I used to go out with my friends in the morning. Kora did not leave anyone empty-handed and celebrated this festival with joy by blowing water balloons. The actor further said, 'One of my fondest memories is that when I used to go back home, I used to eat Gujhiya made by my mother and drink Thandai. These memories are very precious to me, they remind me of those fun moments. The real fun of holi comes in childhood itself when we used to play holi without any worries. By the way, I want to wish you all a happy Holi.

How was Mishkat Verma's Holi?

tv actor Mishkat Verma also said many things while sharing his memories of Holi. He said, 'Holi is my most favorite festival. I eagerly wait for its arrival every year. On the day of holi, I get immersed in the celebration of the entire festival. I make a lot of preparations on the day before holi so that there is no shortage of its celebration.

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