Will Ashi Singh be a part of Salman Khan's show


Will Ashi Singh be a part of salman Khan's show? 

The reality show bigg boss 18 hosted by salman khan is in the headlines. The names of the contestants going to this show are also continuously coming out. Makers are continuously approaching the celeb. Recently news has come that the makers have approached tv actress Ashi Singh. Now the actress has broken her silence on this rumor.

Will this tv beauty enter bigg boss 18?

Fans are eagerly waiting for bigg boss 18. There are many celebs who got special recognition by coming to this show. Some stars had said that after coming to this show, it was the biggest mistake of their career. Now according to reports, Meet fame Ashi Singh can enter salman Khan's show. Aashi is one of the popular actresses on TV. Now the actress has broken her silence on going to the show. She said, I think there is a lot of fighting in this show. I don't know if I will ever do bigg boss because my nature is very calm. I have never been away from my family and I don't know whether I will be able to survive in the show without my family or not.

'If they fight in bigg boss house..'

Aashi also gave another reason why she thinks it is better to stay away from reality shows. She said, that whenever she has a bad day, she expresses it to her mother and friends and the next day she starts with a fresh mind. However, if they fight in Bigg Boss's house, then she cannot talk openly in front of strangers. Aashi said that she has a lot of respect for those who have gone or are going to go to bigg boss, but till now she does not think that she can participate in this reality show.

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