Did Sushmita snatch the Miss Universe crown from Urvashi


Did Sushmita snatch the Miss Universe crown from Urvashi? 

bollywood actress urvashi rautela has made her own identity in the film industry in a short time through her talent. Actress urvashi has been entertaining fans through her acting for the last decade. Recently, the actress has made many revelations in an interview regarding her journey so far. The actress, who won the title of Miss Universe in 2015, told how she had to give up this crown in 2012. The actress told that sushmita sen had asked her to give up the title of Miss Universe India.

urvashi rautela revealed

In an interview given to mirchi Plus, urvashi rautela revealed her journey so far and said that in the year 2012, the age limit of participants was set in the Miss Universe india Competition. urvashi was unaware of this matter at that time. She participated in I'm She Miss Universe in the year 2012. But at that time Femina Miss india had given the selection rights of Miss Universe to someone else. It was taken over by Sushmita Sen's company at that time. Accordingly, sushmita sen was going to select the representative of India. urvashi said - Now since my age was less than 18 years at that time, I was disqualified. Our boss was Donald Trump. Because he was co-owning Miss Universe.

sushmita sen gave this advice

urvashi said that at that time sushmita sen told her that Urvashi, you cannot go. The actress further said- After hearing all this from sushmita sen, I felt that I am the biggest loser in the world. My age at that time was going to be 18 but after 24 days. So I had to lose my most important opportunity just because of the gap of 24 days.

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