'Gutthi' returns to Kapil Sharma's show after 7 years


'Gutthi' returns to Kapil Sharma's show after 7 years!!!

First of all, Colors and then sony Channel, Kapil Sharma's show dominated on both these channels. The show 'The kapil sharma Show' has been entertaining people on tv for many years. Now its new version will be seen on Netflix and the name of this show is 'The Great indian Kapil Show' whose trailer has been released. sunil grover is making a comeback with 'The Great indian Kapil Show' after 7 years. Although he has played the role of 'Gutthi' in other shows also, his return to the show in which he became Gutthi for the first time has brought great news for the fans.

How is the trailer of 'The Great indian Kapil Show'?

The trailer of 'The Great indian Kapil Show' has been released on the instagram page of Netflix India. kapil sharma has also shared it. Its caption read, 'This is the time to laugh like never before, because this time the gang is back. We are going international. The trailer has arrived and the episode will stream on Netflix from march 30 at 8 pm. Everyone will like the new version of Kapil Sharma's comedy show. It will be streamed not on tv but on OTT platform. people wait for this show because it is a full entertainment comedy show for the family. This time kapil sharma will have two new guests who have not come since 2013. Their names are aamir khan and Rohit Sharma, and both of them will be welcomed in this season.

What will be new in 'The Great indian Kapil Show'?

If you have seen the trailer for this new version of Kapil Sharma's comedy show, you must have noticed a few things in it. The setup of this show is very big and has been designed at an international level in which nothing desi will be seen. Apart from this, after a lot of fights, sunil grover is returning to the show after 7 years as Gutthi. In the year 2017, there was news of a fight between kapil sharma and sunil grover and both of them did not even talk for many years. Now in this show, you will see a spat between them on this issue which will entertain you. Apart from this, the coming of aamir khan for the first time is a big thing. You will be able to watch this show on Netflix from 30th march at 8 pm, just for this you will have to take a subscription to Netflix.

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