This discriminatory attitude is a barrier to women entering the STEM field! Actor Surya talk!

The role of STEM fields like science, technology, engineering and mathematics is important in human dimension development. Globally, women's participation in STEM fields is low. In order to create awareness about this in tamil Nadu, a two-day international conference on women in STEM fields is being held at Vivekananda Arena, Anna University, Chennai. Actor surya, founder of Akaram Foundation, delivered a keynote speech on the occasion.

Speaking at the conference, surya said that today is a very important day for Akarat. For the first time we are conducting a conference on STEM with academic focus. More than 5,200 students have studied in the last fifteen years of the alphabet seed project. They are studying... 70% of them are younger sisters... girls are studying... I think that is an important contribution. I see it as a big achievement to be able to stand firmly for women's education.

We support so many girls.. Girls are studying... even if you think like that, what else can you do? When thinking about what else to do, it is a matter of realizing.. No science-related departments or studies.. or jobs related to it. Studying in those STEM fields; There is very little continuation in related tasks. When you see why it is like this, it is not only for the alphabet children. There is this challenge all over the world, only 30% of women participate in STEM related fields all over the world.. Approximately 12 million women are working in STEM related fields all over the world. But... no matter how you look at it, it is much, much less than men.

There are many reports in the world why the role of women is less. A large amount of discrimination is said to be the reason. The environment in which children are born and grow up starting at home.. Discrimination has been there ever since men and women buy and give sports equipment... This discriminatory attitude is an obstacle for women to enter STEM fields. We need to talk about this discrimination, we need to understand it.

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