Lokesh Kanagaraj anticipated to commence shooting for Kaithi 2, the fourth instalment in the LCU, by late 2024

When lokesh kanagaraj directed Kaithi starring karthi in 2019, little did anyone know it marked the inception of a planned cinematic universe. However, the revelation came with Kamal Haasan’s Vikram, which featured characters from Kaithi, delighting fans and birthing what they termed the lokesh Cinematic Universe (LCU). kanagaraj gained recognition as the first South indian director to create a shared universe through his films. The LCU now comprises Kaithi, vikram and the recent addition, Leo, starring Thalapathy Vijay.

Vikram concluded by introducing Rolex, portrayed by Suriya, as a villain and referencing Dilli, Karthi’s character from Kaithi. Conversely, Leo concluded with Vijay’s character receiving a call from Kamal Haasan’s Vikram, beckoning him to join the fight against drug trafficking. This raised speculation of a future crossover film featuring all three protagonists. However, recent reports suggest that the LCU may not extend much further, with vikram 2 slated to be its final instalment.

Anticipated to begin shooting Kaithi 2, the fourth instalment in the LCU, by late 2024, lokesh plans to dedicate the first half of the following year to this project. Kaithi 2 aims to delve into the backstory of Karthi’s character, Dilli. Following this, lokesh intends to create a spin-off film centred on Suriya’s character, Rolex, from Vikram. Subsequently, vikram 2 is in development, serving as the culmination of the LCU, likely featuring an ensemble of key characters.

In addition to his film projects, lokesh is reportedly working on a 10-minute short film that will delve into the origins of the lokesh Cinematic Universe. This was confirmed by Narain, known for his work in the telugu and tamil film industries. As the lokesh Cinematic Universe reaches its culmination with vikram 2, fans eagerly await the unravelling of intricate narratives and character arcs, cementing lokesh Kanagaraj’s legacy as a pioneer in South indian cinema.

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