Actress Bhavana looks like a marble statue in silver color dress..

Actress Bhavana's latest photoshoot photos are currently going viral on the internet.

Actress bhavana made her debut in the malayalam film industry with the film Nammal which was released in the year 2002. As the film became a big hit at the kerala box office, bhavana started getting more film opportunities.

After acting in several successful films in malayalam, bhavana made her debut in tamil with chitram Besuthadi, directed by Mishkin. Following this, he acted in many films including Veil, Diwali, Goodal Nagar, Arya, Parigut, Jayamkondan, Asal.

Her last film in tamil was original. She did not act in any tamil film after that film. However, She acted in many languages including malayalam, telugu and Kannada. She also became a leading actress in malayalam and Kannada.

In 2017, the incident of being kidnapped and sexually harassed while going home after the shooting caused shockwaves in the film industry. Famous actor dileep was also allegedly involved in this and dileep was arrested and later released on bail.

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After this incident, She stayed away from the malayalam film industry and later re-entered the malayalam film industry in 2023.

Meanwhile, in 2018, she fell in love with kannada film producer Naveen and got married. Bhavana, who continues to act even after marriage, is currently acting in kannada malayalam films.

After a long gap, She is also acting in the film The Door in Tamil. At this stage, actress Bhavana's latest photos are going viral on the internet

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