Rajinikanth is among the biggest superstars in Indian cinema

Reportedly the actor has had an illustrious career that has spanned decades and enjoys a massive fan following all across the country. He has been a part of films in many languages, including tamil, Telugu, hindi and Malayalam. Rajinikanth, in a full-fledged role, was last seen in the superhit film Jailer, which was directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. The film went on to earn more than Rs 500 crore at the worldwide box office. The actor’s first film was in 1975. Recently, an anecdote from his early days of struggle has been making the rounds on the internet. As per reports, he was humiliated by a producer over an advance payment for the purchase of his first car.

Perhaps Rajinikanth made his acting debut in K Balachander’s 1975 tamil drama apoorva Raagangal. He started out playing the antagonist in films. During his initial days in the industry, he had to struggle to make his way up. According to reports, after the success of his film 16 Vayathinile, he was approached by a producer for a role in the film. He was cast to play a supporting role that starred a big star of that time.

Meanwhile, Rajinikanth was also looking to buy a car and had already talked to a shop owner about it. The owner demanded a certain amount in advance, and the superstar thought he’d get an advance on his new film. After signing the film for Rs 6,000, he asked for some advance from the producer, who refused to give it to him at that time. Rajinikanth then delayed his plans to buy a car and waited for the first day of the shoot. Even on that day, he was not given his advance payment, and he contacted the production manager. Then, he refused to get his makeup on until he received his advance. This angered the producer, and he humiliated him in front of everyone and threw him out of the sets. The producer even refused to drop him off at home.

This affected Rajinikanth a lot, and he decided he would only enter the studios after getting a foreign car. After working hard for 2 years, he was able to afford a Rs 4.25 lakh Fiat car. Then, he entered the studio and drove his car around it, sat on the bonnet, and smoked a cigarette in front of the producer.

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