First Indian Actress Who Got 1 Crore Salary

Kollywood Secrets... Is this tamil actress the first in the history of indian cinema to receive a salary of Rs.1 crore?

Let's take a look at the actress who became the first person to receive a salary of Rs 1 crore in an era dominated by men.

First indian Actress Who Got 1 Crore Salary

Before 2010, indian cinema was patriarchal. After that, a large number of films featuring women started to emerge gradually, and today the market for actresses is also developing along with actors. As a result, the salaries of actresses are constantly rising as compared to actors.

But earlier actresses did not have much scope in films. Even so, they are not paid at par with actors. Nowadays, if a film becomes a hit, the actors increase their salary by crores. But earlier it was the dream of many actors and actresses to get a salary of one crore.

Tamil Actress Sridevi

Even though there are legendary actors like Rajini and kamal haasan in tamil cinema, they could not make it to the list of first crore salary actors. Because before them, actor Rajkiran was the first to be paid a salary of Rs.1 crore. It was only after that that top actors like Rajini and Kamal were able to reach that height.

Sridevi Salary

Similarly, in the history of indian cinema, can you believe that the first actress to receive a salary of Rs.1 crore was a tamil actress? But that's the truth. sridevi was born and brought up in Meenambatti, a village in tamil Nadu. In the 1980s, she came to Koluchi as a Pan india heroine not only in tamil cinema but also in hindi, telugu and Malayalam.

Sridevi 1 crore salary

During that period sridevi was paid a salary of Rs.1 crore. That too, sridevi has received a salary of Rs. 1 crore for a hindi film. With this, sridevi became the owner of the honor of being an actress who received a salary of Rs.1 crore for the first time in the history of indian cinema.

Sridevi got more salary than Rajinikanth

Director K. balachander was the first to introduce actress sridevi as a heroine in Tamil. sridevi made her kollywood debut with her directorial film Tulum Mudichu, in which she acted alongside Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. Actor Rajinikanth was paid only Rs.2 thousand while acting in the film. But it is noteworthy that sridevi, who made her debut through the film, had received a salary of Rs. 5 thousand in the very first film

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