Kisses Showered on Nayan – Vicky’s Romantic mood

A hundred years with you... to live with the soil! Kisses Showered Nayan - Vicky Jodi's romantic Clicks

Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan, who have gone on a trip to saudi arabia, have posted romantic photos taken there on Instagram.

Actress Nayanthara and her long-time boyfriend Vignesh Sivan tied the knot in 2022. The couple also have twin sons, Vyor and Ulak.

Vicky-Nayan couple who used to go on foreign trips as a couple before marriage have been following it even after marriage.

In that way, both of them have gone on a trip to saudi arabia as a couple. They have taken children along with them.

Car racing is currently underway in Saudi Arabia. Both have gone as a couple to see it. Nayanthara is currently publishing the photos taken there.

It also features photos of Vignesh Sivan and Nayanthara kissing each other while making love in Kathuvakula.

Vicky - Fans who have seen Nayan's latest romantic photos have been expressing their love by giving them lakhs of likes.

Competing with Nayanthara, Vignesh Sivan has also posted pictures of Nain on instagram where he went to watch a car race.

In it, Nayanthara looks stylish like a hollywood heroine wearing a yellow coat suit like Manjak Kattu Myna.

Vignesh Sivan-Nayanthara's romance is not diminished even after marriage and the fans are wishing them to stay with the same love forever.

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