Vijay's Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam campaigning on a flight is going viral.

Voting on the plane - Allapara club is also the party of T.V.K

A video of an executive from actor Vijay's tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam collecting votes from passengers on a flight is going viral.

Actor Vijay has started a political party named tamilnadu Vetri Kazhagam. Vijay, who officially announced the party last month, also categorically announced that his party will not contest the upcoming parliamentary elections. Also, Vijay has started a political party with the aim of contesting the upcoming 2026 assembly elections and taking over the government.

Actor Vijay's political arrival has heated up the political arena. Apart from that, unlike other parties, tamil Nadu victory Association conducts the membership through the app in a new way. The party administrators are working with the target of adding 2 crore members to the party through that app.

The membership application was launched today. Membership is currently being actively recruited. Meanwhile, a video of a Vijay fan collecting votes on a plane has been released and is going viral on the internet.

Pandy is the district President of tamil Nadu victory Association of Theni District. He is coming with a flag in the plane and has gathered votes to vote for actor Vijay's tamil Nadu victory League in the 2026 assembly elections, saying that tamil Nadu needs change and only Thalapathy can give it.

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