How was the relationship between Salman and Aamir in initial days?


There is always talk of three Khans in bollywood which include the names of salman khan, shahrukh khan and Aamir Khan. salman khan and aamir khan became friends in the 80's and their common friend Nasir Khan told about the early days of Aamir-Salman's relationship. Nasir Khan is the son of veteran comedian johnny Walker. He told how salman and Aamir's friendship used to be in the initial days.

Nasir Khan told that although they used to roam around together and play cricket, but when it came to films, they became competitors of each other. Nasir Khan shared an anecdote about the film Andaz Apna Apna (1993) which every fan should know.

How was the friendship between salman khan and aamir khan in the initial days?

In a conversation with siddharth Kanan, Nasir Khan talked about the friendship between salman khan and Aamir Khan. Apart from being a bollywood actor, Nasir is also one of the special friends of Aamir-Salman. Nasir is the son of late actor johnny Walker and is also a childhood friend of Salman-Aamir. When Nasir was asked about the initial days of salman and Aamir, he talked about it. Nasir said, 'When Qayamat Se Qayamat was released and Maine Pyar Kiya was about to be released, we all used to go to play cricket. There was no competition between them on the ground but both of them became competitors on the film sets.

Nasir further said, 'I used to go to the sets of Andaz Apna Apna. I saw that salman used to say that whatever has been done is right, let's go home but Aamir used to say that let's do it one more time, I have to give a good shot. The way of working of salman and Aamir is different. It is not that he is not a good friend but he did not compromise professionally. They liked to work in their own ways.

For your information, let us tell you that the film Andaz Apna Apna released in 1994 was a commercial flop but people liked the film. The friendship between aamir khan and salman khan was shown in the film, which people enjoyed a lot. But this film was declared a flop at the box office.

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