Sushant Singh Rajput's sister made a shocking revelation...


  It has been almost 4 years since bollywood actor sushant singh rajput left this world but the reason for his death has not been revealed yet. Fans are still seen demanding justice on social media. Sushant Singh's sister Shweta Singh kirti also keeps sharing posts related to the campaign for justice for Sushant on her social media account. Recently he gave an interview in which he made a demand from Sushant's fans and also made a request to the CBI. Shweta is still demanding justice for her brother Sushant.

sushant singh rajput was a popular bollywood actor who gave many hit films but suddenly in 2020, the news of his demise came which shocked the fans. mumbai Police had declared the cause of Sushant's death as 'suicide' but Sushant's family and fans still deny this. Shweta Singh kirti has shared some things on this.

Shweta kirti wants justice for sushant singh Rajput

In a talk show, Shweta Singh kirti made some shocking revelations and made some demands. She has also said some things while demanding from CBI. According to the interview, when Shweta was asked what she wanted to say to the audience. On this Shweta said, 'We really need to come together, and request the cbi to please tell what happened.'

Shweta Singh kirti further said, 'There was not enough space between the bed and the fan that he could hang there. When you leave the apartment, you have to return the keys there, so when the keys were returned, the person who deals with the apartments said that the key to the room was missing from key chain. Why was it? Where did it go? We had given the keys to that bedroom also, where did they go? Brother never locked his door. But that day it was locked. CCTV cameras were also not working. There is a lot that is not understood.

Shweta was asked that do you think cbi knows the truth and is hiding it from the public. On this Shweta says, 'CBI is a trustworthy institution on which the entire country has faith. They should find something, come up with some results. I am sure they will find something. Tell me why it was a suicide. How was it? For information, let us tell you that sushant singh rajput made his debut in the year 2013 with the film 'Kai Po Che'. After this he worked in many films but on june 14, 2020, the news of Sushant Singh's death came. sushant singh started his acting career in 2008 with 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil' but he got popularity with 'Pavitra Rishta'.

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