Before Pathaan, Yash Raj Films' was facing financial crisis...


The Corona period was such when the film industry was most financially affected. After the pandemic ended, all the work started again but in the film industry, the films had almost stopped running at the box office. If we talk about yash Raj Films banner, then back to back films made under it were flopping. yash Raj Films owner Aditya Chopra's wife rani mukherjee has also accepted this. He told that if the film Pathan had not been a hit, the company would have been in a very bad situation.

The film Pathan was made with a budget of around Rs 250 crores. If this film had not been a hit, then people's hopes were almost ending that bollywood would ever emerge again. rani mukherjee has made some revelations in an interview regarding the company and other things.

rani mukherjee gave statement regarding yash Raj Films

According to Times of India, rani mukherjee said, 'Adi (Aditya Chopra) stopped the release of many films during the pandemic, he did not want the films to flop. Many people advised him to release those films on OTT but he remained patient. I saw my husband at that time how calm and composed he was. He used to say that these films have been made for theaters and he will release them there only. He was offered a lot of money for OTT but he believed that the film he wanted to release in theaters would be a hit at the box office.

Rani further said, 'He used to make plans all night during the pandemic, his mind was to save his company from sinking. Many people associated with the company were in depression but my husband maintained patience. Then the time came when 'Pathan' was released and its collection revived the company. I salute my husband's patience. The film maker must have confidence in what he makes. Pathan passed that test. It reopened the path to cinema.

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