Actress Genelia looks young even after becoming a mother of two children

Genelia Photos: Aren't you getting old? Even after becoming a mother of two children.. 20-year-old genelia looks young!
Actress Genelia's latest traditional look photoshoot photos are currently being watched and enjoyed a lot.
Actress genelia made her tamil debut with the 2003 film 'Boys' directed by the great director Shankar. In the very first film, he stole the hearts of fans with his cute smile and narrow eyes. Not only in tamil, but also in Hindi, Telugu, etc. films, he has been very careful in choosing stories from the beginning.
Although he did not act in a large number of films in tamil, his films like Sachin opposite Vijay, Uthamaputran opposite Dhanush, Santhosh Subramaniam opposite jayam ravi are still among the favorites of tamil fans.
While being a leading actress, she fell in love with and married bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh in 2012. The star couple currently have two sons named Ryan and Raheel. Genelia, who retired from the film industry to raise her children, occasionally acted in cameo roles in some films.
But for the past two years, Genelia, who has been acting in successive quality stories, regularly posts some photo shoot photos on social media. In that way, the photos of him in a traditional look in a white salwar are being seen and enjoyed on social media.
It is noteworthy that after seeing this photo shoot of Genelia, many fans are commenting that you are not old, and even after being a mother of two children, you look like a 20-year-old woman.

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