College campus shocked by actor Vishal's speech!

Vishal: What do I say to the 9 people who come out? college campus shocked by actor Vishal's speech!
Attending the 26th anniversary of the Swami Vivekananda Experimental Centre, vishal made waves for the first time by telling the story of what motivated him to start his foundation.
Swami Vivekananda Test Center, run by Anna nagar Lions Club, is implementing all the tests for the poor and needy people at very low cost at DG Vaishnav college campus in Arumbakkam. Attending its 26th anniversary function, the doctors, nurses and staff who are working in public service were attended and given a memento. Presented by actor Vishal.
Speaking at this event, vishal said, “I have heard about the Lions Club providing medical assistance to the underprivileged. I came to know through the assistant hari that they have helped our foundation a lot and I wanted to meet them. That is why I have come to this event. Otherwise I am not the special guest of the event. Here sitting here are the doctors, staff and volunteers from SVDC.
A blood test for ten rupees is not a normal thing.. Even if I go out and say this, don't talk crazy, they will ask where is this happening. I have come to this event to bring this to everyone in the outside world and to use my data-face for it.
If they can raise one and a half lakh funds in a single day, these are not ordinary people. Many people in tamil Nadu still do not know who to go to and ask for money for such medical assistance and educational assistance.
You have created an environment where even people who are unable to earn money can get a blood test for ten rupees.. no one can beat that.. when we go to the hospital, we see them as gods in the hope that only the doctors, staff and nurses will save them. 
You can even go abroad to get a doctor's degree and work.. But when we see what good things we have done and what bad things we have done, it is better to add more good things. Even when I hosted sun TV for 13 weeks on 'Naam Barak', I chose what to do each week. It was about how one's life can be changed in one day. The events of each of those shows affected me.
Choosing the best of the best is easy. But choosing the best from the worst is very difficult. Because only I can change someone's life. But what do I say to the 9 people standing outside? That is why we have started the Devi Foundation in the name of my mother and we are trying to provide education to the poor children somehow," he said. It is noteworthy that his speech moved the students present in the college campus.

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