Trisha walked out of Dhanush's Aadukalam halfway through for Simbu

Trisha, who is a leading actress in the tamil film industry, has left many people surprised by the news of Dhanush's Aadukalam for Simbu.
Aadkulam is one of the biggest turning points in actor Dhanush's career. The film, directed by Vetimaaran, hit the screens in 2011. The film won a total of six National Awards. It was through this film that actor dhanush won his first National Award. Apart from that, Adukulam also won the Jury Award for Best Cinematography, Best director, Best Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Film.
Taapsee acted opposite dhanush in Aadukalam. Her role of Irene was also well received by the fans. director Vetermaran first chose actress trisha to play the role. He has committed and ended up acting in half a scene opposite dhanush in the film. But then due to the call sheet problem, he walked out of the film.
Trisha quit Aadukalam
After that, Vethimaran replaced trisha with Taapsee as the heroine. Actress Trisha's exit from Aadukalam was due to Simbu's Vinnaithandi Varuaya. trisha, who was acting in that film and Aadukalam at the same time, at some point when it came to the situation that she could only give a call sheet for any film, she chose the film Vinnaithandi Varuvaya.
His choice is also correct. Ireen's character in Aadukalam has only comedic scenes, but in Vinnaithandi Varuaya, she has said no to Aadukalam as she is a fully fleshed out character. The fact remains that if she hadn't made that decision, trisha wouldn't have had the Jessie character she's celebrated today. dhanush and Trisha's photos of Aadukalam are going viral on the internet.

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