What is the next political move of Vijay's party?

Actor Vijay's political party, tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam, which has been in the limelight for a few days, is now silent.

Actor Vijay launched a political party called tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam last month. When Vijay made the announcement about the party, the entire political circle was buzzing with talk about Vijay's party. After the announcement of the party, the name of tamil Nadu victory Kazhagam got into controversy. Then they immediately removed the party name and put an end to the controversy.

After that, the election of party executives is going on in full swing. On the other hand, it was said that the membership of the party will be done online and a special app is being prepared for it. A target has been set to add 2 crore members. The expectation among the fans is when the application will be used.

For the last few days, there was no news about the Vijay party, but now information about the party's next political move has been leaked. According to reports, Vijay's tamil Nadu victory Club will be used in a special function of the party on wednesday or Thursday. A target has been set to recruit as many members as possible by May.

Apart from that, 234 constituencies in tamil Nadu will be divided into 100 districts for the party and each district administrator will be given responsibility. The notification about who has been given what responsibility will be known in 10 days. Thus, it seems that the first target of tamil Nadu success Club will be to enroll 2 crore members this month

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