Khanzaadi's closeness seen with Abhishek in Bigg Boss 17?


The 17th season of bigg boss was very much liked. The contestants who came to the show also got a lot of name and fame. singer Firoza Khan alias Khanzadi was also seen in the show. Khanzadi's closeness with abhishek kumar was seen in the show. The fans also liked the bond of both of them a lot. Now Khanzadi has reacted about her relationship status with Abhishek.

Khanzadi unfollowed Abhishek

Talking to india Today, Khanzadi said- 'Like the show, he is still after me. The only difference is that now people don't see it. I have unfollowed him from Instagram. But he still follows me.

Let us tell you that the love-hate relationship between Khanzadi and abhishek was shown in the show. Sometimes both would come close and sometimes there would be a huge fight between the two. Khanzadi told- 'My relationship with abhishek was real. I am as I am. It was real from both sides. There was something special. When people called it fake, it neither caused me pain nor had any effect. I was called characterless, but it had no effect on me.

'I stepped back from abhishek because I was aware that our parents were keeping an eye on me. I knew that our family was watching the show. My family is very conservative. This had become very difficult for me. For this reason I could not move ahead in our relationship. At the same time, abhishek was also not able to move on from Isha Malviya, due to this I was a little in doubt.

It is known that abhishek kumar became the first runner up of the show. Khanzadi's journey in the show was not very long. However, Khanzadi's outspoken style was greatly appreciated by the fans.

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