Did director Bala beat an actress during shooting?

As per report a malayalam actress has complained that director bala has beaten her during the shooting of the film.

Bala made his directorial debut with Sethu. He had the biggest impact on the first film, and next to Nanda, Pitamakan and I God, who had a different storyline, became the indispensable director of tamil cinema. Verma was the last film directed by director Bala. The film, which was a remake of arjun Reddy, was half abandoned.

Director Bala, who had not been directing any film for about 4 years, was commissioned in 2022. The film was produced by 2D to play surya Man in the film. surya announced that she would quit the film as the shooting took place for only a month. bala is taking the film with Arun Vijay.

The final work of the film Vanankan is currently underway. The film is being produced by suresh Kamakshi and director Bala. Roshini is paired opposite Arun Vijay. Givi Prakash Kumar has composed the film. The teaser of the recently released film Vanankan has been well received among fans. The film is set to hit the screens soon.

In this case, an actress has complained that director bala has hit her during the shooting. surya starred in the film and malayalam actress Mamida Baiju was also working on the film. Bala, who then bought three tags for a China, was angry with him. Mamida Baiju said this in a recent interview. It is noteworthy that Mamita also withdrew from the film when surya left.

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