SushmitaSen Reveals She Learned Table Manners After Becoming Miss Universe


Sushmita Sen: After becoming Miss Universe, sushmita sen learned table manners, was embarrassed at mexico dinner

Former Miss Universe and actress sushmita sen is one cool lady. Live life on your terms. She doesn't care at all about what she does in her personal life and what people say about it. Now recently, sushmita sen revealed that she learned table manners after winning the title of Miss Universe, before that she had no idea about how to eat food.

Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe crown for india for the first time 29 years ago. In a new interview, the actress shared an anecdote from that time right after winning the Miss Universe title. Sushmita revealed that she knew nothing about table manners and had to host a seven-course meal at a dinner party in Mexico.

Sushmita said: "I didn't learn table manners before winning Miss Universe. After winning it, they sent me to a place in mexico City. I was 18, I barely spoke English. I was there a lot. Was sitting for a long time. The actress further said, 'When I couldn't bear the hunger anymore, I told my travel manager that I was very hungry. He smiled at me and said that we were also very hungry. You are the chief guest here. You can start eating. Will have to do."

Sushmita further said that she had no idea how to start the seven-course meal. He said that Mexico's tourism manager helped him in that situation. The actress said, "I felt very awkward and I didn't want to feel that again. One of the things I learned was to leave home after eating a full meal so that I wouldn't be tempted to go there and have food You can say later, 'No more, thanks', and they'll assume you're following a strict diet."

Talking about the work front, last year Sushmita left a deep impact on people with her performance in 'Arya 3' and 'Tali'. Both the characters were quite different from each other. Even after this, the actress won a lot of applause for her powerful acting.

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