Vikrant met Irrfan for the first time, he told me why the movie being made with the actor remained incomplete


Vikrant Massey: When Vikrant met Irrfan for the first time, he told me why the movie being made with the actor remained incomplete

The film '12th Fail', released in the year 2023, has given a new turn to the career of actor Vikrant Massey. The film not only made huge profits at the box office but also received love and appreciation from every section of the audience. Vikrant also won the Filmfare Award for his role in the film. However, this journey was not easy for the actor. After working on the small screen for many years, Vikrant started doing small roles in films. After this, in the year 2017, he got the film 'A Death in the Gunj', which proved to be a turning point in his career. In an interview, Vikrant revealed that he was also going to work with veteran actor Irrfan Khan. During this, Vikrant also shared the story of his first meeting with Irrfan Khan.

Vikrant said, 'I met Irfan Sahab in the lift of my building. A theater actor lives above my house, who is his good friend. He had come to his house and I was going to collect some things from the car. The lift came down from above and when its door opened I saw Irfan Sahab, I can't tell what I felt.

During this, the '12th Fail' actor also shared the story of working with Irrfan Khan. Vikrant said that he was going to do a film with Irrfan. Vikrant said, 'Vishal Bhardwaj was making a film named 'Sapna Didi'. deepika padukone and Irrfan Sahab were in it. I also had a role in the film. deepika and I were giving a look test and Irrfan Sahab was in the lead role. We were supposed to meet him the next day but by the time I woke up the next day, the news of his cancer had come out. After this, everything stopped'.

Recalling Irrfan Khan, Vikrant said that his favorite film was 'Maqbool'. Recently, Irrfan Khan's son and actor Babil Khan also shared an emotional note remembering his father. In the post, Babil expressed his regret for not being able to dance with his father Irrfan for the last time.

Babil further wrote in his note, 'No one knew him the way I knew him. These are easy to say and easy to miss. It's easy to get emotional and cry thinking about losing them. But, do you know what is difficult? Remembering that thing in his voice when he used to call me Babiluuuu in a loud voice.

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