All India Rank: Censor Board upset over showing the father of economic reforms Manmohan Singh


All india Rank: Censor Board upset over showing the father of economic reforms manmohan singh, scenes of some other leaders will be removed

Preparations for the release of 'All india Rank', the first film as a director of famous writer and lyricist varun Grover, who started a new style of standup comedy in Hindi, are in full swing these days. Special screening of the film has also been done in mumbai, but it has been learned that the mumbai regional offices of the Central Board of Film Certification (Censor Board) have raised objections regarding some scenes shown in the film and have asked the filmmakers to remove them from the film. people have been informed.

Matchbox's next film 'All india Rank', the company that has made critically acclaimed films like 'Andhadhun', 'Monica O My Darling', 'Three of Us' and the recent release 'Merry Christmas', is scheduled to release on 23rd February. varun Grover, an engineering graduate from Banaras Hindu university (IIT), has written this film in memory of his days when there was a lot of mental pressure on him to prepare for the IIT entrance exam. varun had worked on the script of this film about 10 years ago and lyricist Jaideep Sahni shared the script with director Sriram Raghavan.

Sriram Raghavan also suggested Matchbox to make the film 'All india Rank' and his name is also written as presenter on the poster of the film. This is the first film that sriram raghavan is presenting. sriram raghavan was also present in the recent special screening of the film. The story of the film is the story of those decades of the '90s when the winds of economic liberalism had just started in India. In the film, the then prime minister PV narasimha Rao and Finance minister manmohan singh are mentioned in the context of these economic reforms.

Censor Board sources say that the film 'All india Rank' has been seen by the examining committee of the board and the committee has also given its recommendations to the Censor Board. The Censor Board has objected to the mention of narasimha Rao and manmohan singh as well as showing their footage in the film. The filmmakers have also been advised to remove these scenes. It has come to light that the Censor Board's certificate for release in theaters was given only after removing these scenes.

These days, the certificate received from the Censor Board has become very important for releasing films on OTT. These days, all domestic and foreign OTTs operating in india are asking the producers to screen their films in theaters before taking them on lease for a certain period so that they can shoulder the responsibility of getting it passed by the Censor Board. Stay focused on the filmmakers only. However, this compulsion has not been seen yet for the films that these OTT operators are making themselves.

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