'Hanuman' directed by Prashant Verma is dominating the box office


Hanuman Box Office: The strength of 'Hanuman' was seen in front of 'Fighter', prashant Verma's film earned 250 crores worldwide

The superhero film 'Hanuman' directed by prashant Verma is dominating the box office. Released on january 12, 2024, the film has entered its third week and is still attracting audiences to the theatres. 'Hanuman' is gathering love not only in the country but all over the world. saturday brought a new gift for this film starring teja Sajja. The film has touched the threshold of Rs 250 crore in terms of earnings.

This film was released on 12 january along with films like 'Guntur Karam' and 'Merry Christmas'. But, due to its story and strong direction, this film attracted the attention of the audience and left everyone else behind. After this, to compete with it, Hrithik Roshan's film 'Fighter' was released on the occasion of Republic Day. But, this also did not affect 'Hanuman'.

On saturday (16th day), 'Hanuman' did a business of Rs 6.5 crore at the domestic box office, while 'Fighter', directed by siddharth Anand, starred hrithik roshan and deepika Padukone. Let us tell you that teja Sajja's film did a business of Rs 8.1 crore on january 26, on the occasion of Republic Day. According to the figures, 'Hanuman' has earned Rs 170.15 crore at the domestic box office.

The film's earnings are also increasing rapidly worldwide. The makers have revealed that 'Hanuman' has done a worldwide business of Rs 250 crore. The film's director prashant Verma has shared this information with the fans through a social media post. He has written, 'I am very happy and surprised by the success of the film'.

On Prashant's post, the audience is praising his film wholeheartedly. It is noteworthy that the director will soon bring the sequel of 'Hanuman' 'Jai Hanuman'. Work on the sequel started on january 22, on the occasion of ram Lalla's consecration in Ayodhya. Regarding the sequel, teja Sajja said that the main character in it is Lord Hanuman. He can join the film as 'Hanu Man'.

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