Will Ravi Teja's ‘Eagle’ movie overcome all hurdles faced?

Reportedly an interesting trailer had reached from mass Maharaj ravi Teja. ravi teja as an eagle came to make a fuss. mass Maharaj ravi teja is playing the lead in cinema Eagle, tollywood famous cinematographer karthik Ghattamaneni is making his directorial debut with Ecinema. mass Maharaj ravi teja has pinned all his hopes on Eagle, which is being screened with an interesting story. movie team has recently released the Eagle trailer to increase the popularity of this movie. Margashiram gave the caption to the trailer, "Midnight.. O Mendi Mothubari.. Arriving". ravi Teja's dialogues burst out wonderfully saying... Destruction is me.. Destruction is me. ravi teja is looking to give a solid comeback once again with this trailer.

Ravi teja is troubled with a series of flops. ravi Tej who did different messies like mass Maharaj, Rama Rao on Duty, Ravanasura, tiger Nageswarao etc., got a kind of hat trick failure... but he could not get a hit. Now he is opening this movie with a well-planned plan. anupama parameswaran and kavya thapar are the heroines in this movie titled Eagle. The movie team, which has already brought the teaser to the audience from this film which is releasing on Sankranti, has now released the trailer.

The Eagle team has also released a series of songs recently. Otherwise, these movie songs did not reach the masses. If the movie is released and liked.. the songs are also likely to be clicked. The team has released the trailer of Eagle to increase the dose to increase the expectations of the movie. It seems that Kavya Thafar is the main heroine in the movie where ravi teja is going to be seen as a different character. Not only that, character artist cum hero Srinivas is playing another important role.

People's media Factory will produce this movie with a good budget. The movie is going to release on january 13 as a gift for Sankranti. As ravi Teja's previous films were flops, he pinned all his hopes on this film. He said that he is going to see a new angle in his character and Mas Maharaj, who has data-faced hat-trick of failures hit a solid hit with this movie..let's see if he can give a good comeback.

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