KRK says he was arrested at the airport..!?

Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) popularly known as KRK is not very popular in the film industry but his name can be said to be quite famous on social media. The name Kamal Rashid Khan is not a new name for social media users. He has made many accusations on twitter (now X) by naming many people. He also received a lot of rebuttals to his accusations. Now he has tweeted, 'I have been arrested at mumbai Airport. If I die in jail, you all should know that it is a murder.'

Kamal Rashid Khan known as KRK (Kamaal Rashid Khan) is not very popular in the film industry, but his name can be said to be very famous on social media. The reason is that they are often arrested and released by the mumbai police after filing an FIR. But now KRK is arrested again. Now he tweeted from his twitter account and expressed his feelings.

According to Kamal Rashid Khan, 'I have been living in mumbai for the past one year. I have been attending all my court dates without fail. Today I left for dubai to celebrate New Year. However, I was arrested by the mumbai police. According to him, I have been arrested for questioning in connection with the 2016 case. But, salman khan (Salman Khan) is saying that I am the reason for the failure of the film 'Tiger 3'. KRK tweeted, "Once I die in police custody or jail, it's murder and who is responsible."

However, her social media post has received mixed reactions. Some people said 'Karma has come back to you, feel it' while others said 'You will never get in trouble, just be brave'. But rahul commented that 'not only did you act in the movie Deshadrohi, but you yourself are a traitor'. All in all Kamaal Rashid Khan has been arrested in mumbai and further developments are to be seen.

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