Anupama Parameswaran celebrated Christmas with her family..!?

Cute beauty anupama parameswaran celebrated christmas in a very special way. She had celebrated this christmas with her family.

  tollywood heroine anupama parameswaran has made this christmas very special. She celebrated this christmas with her family. She shared the photos taken on the occasion through social media. christmas wishes to fans. Anupama shines in Mary's christmas look. She posed cutely wearing a Santa cap. Anupama looks so cute in this new getup. It's like cuteness overload. Now these pics are going viral. Anupama Parameswaran.. Carafe of cuteness. Enchanted with beauty. Anupama excelled as a homely beauty in the beginning. But recently the trend has changed. The glamor side opens up. Dress data-sizes reduced.

Moreover, she was irritated by short clothes. On the other hand, beauty feasts and photo shoots. It doesn't stop there. She also does bold roles in movies. Meanwhile, she did lip locks in ``Rowdy Boys''. Now in ``Tillu Squire'' she has gone crazy with lip locks. It is known that her character is going to be more bold. Anupama, who appeared in about five films last year, has not appeared in a single film this year. But next year is going to buzz with five more movies. Her buzz is going to start from this Sankranti.

 She will act in the film 'Eagle' for the first time with ravi Teja. It is known that she is a key character in this. It is coming to Sankranti. On the other hand, ``Tillu Squire'' is coming in February. Apart from these, Anupama is busy doing a movie in tamil and another movie in Malayalam.

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