Salaar and KGF scenes coincide with each other..!?

Accordingly a large mine setup, the villains, showed the dominance of the KGF. Here in the first half of the movie Salaar coal mines, in the second half the Khansar empire was seen fighting for supremacy. Many people who have seen the movie Salaar are comparing the second half with KGF. It is said that the feeling of watching kgf Part 1 is especially felt. Are there really similarities between these two movies..if so let's see what is the main reason.

Meanwhile prabhas fans have been waiting for the movie Salaar with a thousand eyes. On december 22, that is, from one o'clock in the morning on this day, from the moment the doll started appearing on the screen, the discussion about this film started. The film has already broken industry records with its openings. The reason for this is that not only prabhas fans, but also movie lovers are waiting for this movie worldwide. With the trailer released by the makers recently, the hype on this movie has increased in a range.

It is clear from the trailer that Salaar, which is made with a huge budget, is going to be a story set in the Kingdom of Khansar. So the people came out to see what the kingdom of Khansar was. At the same time, they were waiting to see if there was any truth in the news that kgf had a connection with Salaar. Also everyone thought that there will be an entry of yash in this movie. Even if the director said no, they hoped. But the story of this movie has no relation to KGF. Also yash is not in this movie. However, there are some similarities with kgf in terms of story.

In both these movies, motherly sentiment is dominant. I thought it was kgf because it was Ishwara Rao who played the role of the mother. Also, a big fortress in kgf, villains, dominant fighters in kgf were shown. Here in the second half of the movie, the Khansar empire was seen fighting for dominance. Even though Salar has no connection with kgf or kgf Universe, the villains also appeared as villains in it.

Be it Salar or kgf there is a common thing that everyone has observed. That is the dark theme in these. Those who have seen two parts of kgf must have thought that Salaar looks just like those movies. More importantly, the empire created by prashant Neil in KGF.. The present Khansar empire in Salar seems almost identical. Visuals appear in a dark theme. Heroes and villains are also the same as in Atchu KGF. But it should be understood that all the films of director prashant Neel are like this. prashant Neel's previous films Ugram, kgf 1 and kgf 2 all have similar themes.

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