Why Nayanthara talked about how uncomfortable she felt being called ‘Lady Superstar’?

Reportedly it goes without saying that Nayanthara is not just one of the most sought-after actresses in tamil cinema but also one of the most revered. She has also acted in telugu films and over the years, solidified her position as a lead actress in South films. This year, she made her bollywood debut with Jawan, a highly commercially successful movie starring Shah Rukh Khan. Her 75th film, Annapoorani, recently debuted on the big screen after this momentous bollywood debut, receiving mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike.

Owing to her large-scale popularity and success, Nayanthara has earned the moniker Lady Superstar of the South and is often referred to as such by fans and the media. During an interview conducted after the release of Annapoorani, Nayanthara talked about how uncomfortable she felt being called ‘Lady Superstar’. She requested the anchor of the interview to not address her by that title after he had done so. Nayanthara humorously likened being called Lady Superstar to feeling like being scolded. Everyone in attendance at the interview laughed at her playful response. She graciously requested everyone to refrain from using this label.

Nayanthara thanked the movie industry and her fans for their support on her completion of 75 films. “Everything I own in my life, be it wealth, renown, or deference. I received all of those as gifts from the movie and the audience, “she said, adding that there was no additional need to be given a title or moniker. Earlier, tamil star ajith kumar, who is often referred to as Thala, had also requested his fans not to address him by that title.

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