Shah Rukh Khan known for being friendly and approachable, with his crew

Shah Rukh Khan is known for being friendly and approachable, especially with his crew. Ad guru Prahlad Kakkar shared an anecdote on Cyrus Broacha’s podcast, highlighting how Shah Rukh stepped in to protect the crew from any troubles during an ad shoot. Prahlad praised Shah Rukh’s easygoing and compassionate nature, mentioning that if anyone else was being harsh with the crew, Shah Rukh would have their back. Prahlad fondly recalled this experience while working on a noodle commercial with the actor.

He said, “I remember once, we were doing a noodle shoot for Nissin. I had especially selected the bowls to match the noodles. Yellow on the inside and red on the outside. And the crew misplaced my bowls, and here I am waiting for the shot and there are no bowls. They brought some other bowls, which I rejected and threw a fit, and everyone was hiding.”

He added, “No one was trying to look for the bowls. Everyone was looking for a corner to hide. Shah Rukh goes backstage, collects all my girls who were scouring away and tells them, ‘Don’t worry’. Then he comes and tells me, ‘It’s okay. It doesn’t matter what bowls you use, as long as the noodles are right’.”

Prahlad, who has experience working with superstar amitabh bachchan, emphadata-sized the actor’s punctuality. He said, “We would step on the sets 15 minutes late, which is very good for a unit. He’d (Amitabh) be sitting there reading a newspaper with full make up. My first line is, ‘I am sorry’. The rest of the day you keep saying, ‘Sorry, sorry sorry’.”

When asked about instructing amitabh for retakes, Prahlad advised, “Don’t tell him anything; you just say, ‘Sir, can we try this again with a little nuance?'” Shah Rukh’s upcoming film, Dunki, is set to release in December, while Amitabh’s next projects include kalki 2898AD and Thalaivar 170.

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