Jeetendra came to meet Junior Mehmood who was battling cancer..?


Actor Naeem Syed aka junior mehmood is in the fourth stage of cancer. A few days ago, actor johnny Lever met

junior mehmood and inquired about his health. Now actor Jitendra and actor sachin pilgaonkar have also met

junior Mehmood. Jitendra became emotional after seeing junior Mahmood. junior mehmood had expressed his

desire to meet his old friends, veteran actors Jitendra and Sachin Pilgaonkar. After this Jitendra and Sachin

Pilgaonkar junior came to meet Mahmood.

Jitendra came to meet junior Mahmood who was suffering from cancer.

Let us tell you that Jitendra's eyes became moist while asking about the health of junior Mahmood. Sachin

Pilgaonkar also talked to junior Mahmood on video call. After this he also went to meet junior Mahmood.

sachin pilgaonkar has shared a post on social media. In which he asked the fans to pray for the speedy recovery

of junior Mahmood. He wrote in the post, I request all of you to pray for my childhood friend junior Mahmood

who is suffering from the disease. I had talked to him on video call a few days ago and went to see him today but

he was sleeping. A few days ago, Salam Qazi had said, junior Mahmood was ill for two months. At first we

thought that he might have some minor health problem but then suddenly his weight started decreasing and when

the medical report came, it was said that it was cancer.

junior mehmood had worked with jeetendra in the film Caravan. In this film he played the role of Jitendra's

younger brother. He has also acted in more than 200 films in many languages. These include hit films like

Brahmachari (1968), Mera Naam joker (1970), Parvarish (1977) and Do Aur Do Paanch (1980).

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