Film characters became a cause of embarrassment for Ranjeet...


Veteran actor ranjeet has mostly played villain roles in bollywood films. Because of this his image was not good

among the people. Initially people thought that the way he appears on the silver screen, he would be exactly like

that in real life too. When ranjeet used to go out for a walk with his daughter, people used to make bad comments

on him. It is a very old story that once people behaved badly with Ranjit in a restaurant when Ranjit had reached

there with his daughter. This disclosure was made by Ranjit himself during an interview.

people used to comment on me after seeing me with my daughter.

During a conversation with E Times, Ranjit said, When my daughter was studying in Delhi, I used to go to meet

her. We used to go inside the restaurant together. people used to comment after seeing me that what a bad person

I am. Hanging out with young girls. A family was sitting next to us. The husband suddenly shouts and tells his

family not to look at me.

My image used to scare people because of films

It was really making me uncomfortable. So when the waiter came to take the food order, I said loudly, Hey, my

daughter has brought the order, ask her? Immediately after that the same husband comes and tells me that his wife

wants to get a photo clicked with me. So I often do this to let people know that I don’t hang out with call girls.

Because of films, I had developed such an image which often scared people.

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