Karan remained silent on the comment of loving Twinkle??


Twinkle Khanna: karan remained silent on the comment of loving Twinkle, said- 'Shabana ji-Kiara is in shock'

Twinkle Khanna, who has spread her acting skills by working in many bollywood films, is currently away from the film world. However, she has made a good name for herself as a writer. She writes columns in many newspapers and magazines. Recently twinkle khanna and her childhood friend karan johar made innocent comments at each other at her book launch event.

Twinkle Khanna said, 'I went back to university partly because I was approaching 50. Age is a number, but it is not the sum of divisions where you are limited to what you are. After some time, the actress said that she was wondering how karan could be a topper in anything because she always considered him a bottom.

After this, karan johar asked the actress whether her studies had enriched her as a writer. To this Twinkle said, 'No, but I think you have cast the wrong people in Student of the Year. You should have cast me. I am the student of the year and you just keep taking all these random people and keep making films.

On this, karan jokingly said, 'You fit this tag, you are also from the nepotism school.' He said, 'But don't go back to that time when I tried to cast you in a film and you got rejected in a very heartbreaking way.' Here karan was talking about his first film 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. The character of Tina played by rani mukherjee in this film was written keeping Twinkle in mind.

Twinkle Khanna replied, 'Can we go back to the time when you loved me.' Looking at the people present there, karan said, “I can see Shabana Ji sinking in her seat in shock, despair, and fear. Not only this, vidya next to him is also very worried, and kiara is in complete shock. Let us tell you that Twinkle has recently completed her master's degree in fiction writing at Goldsmiths, university of London.

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