Mrinal made Open Challenge in Hi Nanna Event.!

Sindujaa D N
Challenges issued by tollywood heroes before their film releases are commonplace, a customary ritual in anticipation of their movies' success. While the outcomes remain uncertain, these challenges aim to draw audiences to theatres. Surprisingly, such challenges are typically absent in the realm of heroines, where the focus often shifts away from their endeavours.

Even when contributing to lady-oriented films, the media may provide hype, but the spotlight seldom lingers on them. However, breaking this mold is Mumbai-born actress Mrinal Thakur, also known as Seethamma, who has boldly issued a unique challenge ahead of her film's release. Mrinal Thakur, currently working alongside natural star nani in the film "Hi Nanna," made an unexpected announcement during the pre-release event held in Vizag. 

Expressing her gratitude for being embraced as a telugu girl, she astounded the audience by issuing a challenge. Mrinal confidently asserted that audiences would be enamoured by the performances of nani and kiara in the father-daughter duo in the movie. In a surprising twist, she declared, "If that doesn't happen, I will change my name." 

This bold statement has since gone viral, with netizens sharing their astonishment at Mrinal's daring challenge. Having gained popularity among telugu audiences for her role as Sita in "Sitaharam" and amassing a significant following, Mrinal Thakur's unique challenge has stirred considerable buzz. As the release of "Hi Nanna" approaches, the anticipation builds not only for the film itself but also for the potential repercussions of Mrinal's unconventional challenge.

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