What does Thandel Mean actually ?

S Venkateshwari
Naga Chaitanya's #NC23 first look and title were released today, which was a pleasant surprise. The title of the film, "Thandel," has attracted the interest of moviegoers, who are curious as to what it signifies. Here's an exclusive tidbit on the subject.
A "thandel" is a cherished phrase among Gujarati coastal villages, referring to a commercial marine fishing boat skipper. Their major task is not only to discover the bountiful fishing areas, but also to direct the team there and back safely. Chay features in this film as a fishing boat operator from srikakulam in a vintage setup, steering his boat and crew all the way from srikakulam to Gujarat. And his squad affectionately refers to him as Thandel, captain!
While the fascinating poster and title design captured the audience's attention, the posters also indicated that devi sri prasad is the composer and sai pallavi is the starring heroine. According to reports, naga Chaitanya's 'Thandel' is based on genuine occurrences. Chay and Mondeti visited K Matchilesam hamlet in srikakulam earlier this year to prepare for the part. The actor met with the fisherman and learnt about their land, way of life, and culture.

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